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Answers to the most frequently asked questions are here

I'm nervous about sending precious irreplaceable clothing through the mail:

This is always a concern and if possible local drop off is always available, if not, shipping with the best tracking available that whatever shipping method you choose offers so you can track where your package is. I will also contact you right away once your package has arrived to let you know it arrived safely.

What is your turn around time for your bears?

Typically this can be from 2 -6 weeks from the time I get your materials depending on how many orders are ahead of yours and the type of bear. Showstopper and Patchwork bears take much more time to create.

Do you offer any type of RUSH?

I do for certain circumstances and will try to work best with the time frame that you have. This is done on a case by case basis and there is an additional fee added to your total.

How many pieces of clothing should I send?

Send whatever you would like to see on the bear.

-The classic bear can be made with 1-4 pieces. There will be an additional charge for 5 or more.

-The Showstopper bear is generally made of a costume or formal dress and sometimes added fabric will be needed which is included in the price of the bear.

-The patchwork bear requires 8 or more, but we can work with less if needed.

Does it have to be clothing that I send in?

Absolutely not :) Anything you have that is made of fabric such as a pillowcase or blanket can be used. Just be sure to contact me ahead of time to approve this to be sure that it can be used.

What do you do with the left over fabric from making the bears?

Leftover from the memory  bears is not kept unless specified (if you are not local there may be an increase in the shipping cost due to the additional weight)

Do you offer a discount for multiple bears?

Unfortunately I do not offer quantity discounts anymore. I will however run specials from time to time for certain holidays so keep an eye out for those.

Do I need to wash items before they are sent to you?

No this is not necessary, especially if you are not wanting to. I will not wash any items.

Can I place my order over the phone?

Absolutely! Please indicate in your message to me that you prefer to discuss your order over the phone?

Can my memory bear be played with?

The answer is not typically. These bears are precious keepsakes and even though they have safety eyes and noses, it is recommended they are just for show and are NOT considered a toy. 

Do you do repairs on bears made by other people?

Yes, I have made many repairs on bears that were made incorrectly or were coming apart. This can be very costly, but I have been able to repair and remake every bear that has come my way. In some extreme cases I have remade the bear entirely. 

ORDERING TIP: Even if you choose to not order from me...please and I can't stress this enough, make sure to carefully see examples of bears of the person who is being given the opportunity to create your keepsakes. Cutting cannot be undone and I cannot express that enough. There are many websites that use stock photos or stolen photos so please be on the look out for that. All of my photos have special water markings so I can see when someone is trying to use my photos. 

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